The 2007 vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon is being heralded as the finest of the decade, no small accolade considering the extreme elegance of the 2004 vintage and the complex structure of some of the best 2006s. At a recent tasting, I had the chance to sample a few of these wines that are just making their way into stores this month, and they certainly whet my appetite for my annual pilgrimage to Napa this July, where I plan to make a special effort to focus on Cabernet from the region. One wine that stuck out is actually the second label of one of the Valley’s best producers, Darioush. For about half the cost of its Signature label wines, this Cabernet delivers on all levels. Suffice to say, if the Darioush Signature wines from 2007 are twice as good as this one, we have a lot to look forward to. For the time being, keep your eye out for this very reasonably priced introduction to what promises to be a fantastic vintage in Napa Valley.

Caravan Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2007, 91 Points, $30

Dusty chocolate, red currant fruit and oak on the nose. Typical Darioush mouthfeel, soft and seamless, with black cherry cola and plum fruit exploding into layers of toffee and buttery oak as hints of cedar spice linger beneath. Impressive transition from fruit layers to oak and toffee, with the latter taking over through the super long finish.

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