Preparing for what could be the best Friday of Lollapalooza ever!

(besides last year of course, but Radiohead was there so that pretty much makes it a throw out!)

Here’s what to do:

2:00- Gaslight Anthem. I’ll still be at work, but if I wasn’t, I’d check these dudes out.

3:00- Bon Iver. Leaving work early to catch this slow, painful acoustic rock written by a heartbroken dude from Wisconsin. Sounds like quite a start to a great day, especially if there’s a bit of rain coming down.

4:00- Get food and wine for the amazing rural acoustic show coming up on the North Stage. Ben Folds is a total joke at this hour wedged between these heavyweights.

5:00- Fleet Foxes. Amazing at Pitchfork last year and perfectly placed here; although I hate to miss electronic sensation Crystal Castles, this is the must-see of the undercard today. They are my go-to Dry Creek Valley Road band, and a sure bet to be in my top 40 albums of the decade.

6:00- The Decemberists. Back to back with Fleet Foxes? I’m gonna feel like I’m in wine country, but again, that’s why I’m advising everyone to use the Ben Folds hour to stock up on bottles of wine for this amazing rural combo. Unless of course, these guys try to make Lolla a musical and launch into Hazards of Love in its entirety, in which case I’ll cruise halfway and and see what Peter Bjorn and John have been up to. In any event, it’s time to start heading south for….

7:00- Of Montreal. Easily the best opening act for the headliner that Lolla has ever had; expect a scene beyond imagination. These guys will make the Flaming Lips’ Pitchfork performance look like an elementary school musical. Craziness. What a lead in for…

8:00- Depeche Mode. Yes! In America! This will be better than Daft Punk in ’07 and those are fighting words. I’m just throwing that out there. Depeche Mode is a singles band, which means they will play two or three songs off of every album, all of which are great. It’s going to be amazing. If you are even considering venturing over to see Kings of Leon on the North stage please either kill yourself immediately or never talk to me again.

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