Warm weather is here now (well, at least in most parts of the country not called Chicago), so I’ve recently been in a white wine mood. I suppose it started when I was in Greece, where I drank delicious bottles of house wine in the sun while overlooking the Santorini caldera, which if it isn’t the prettiest place I’ve been to in my life, it is certainly in the top three. Anyway, I’m back now (I think), and I’m ready to keep drinking white wine if the weather will maintain similar conditions. Recently, I had the chance to taste a bit “out of the box” if you will, and tried what I consider to be a fantastic Argentinian Chardonnay. This particular winery is famous in my world for its top level Malbec, which I consider to be among the best in the world year after year, so it is truly a testament to this Bodega that they also manage to exceed expectations in the white wine department as well.


CATENA ALTA CHARDONNAY MENDOZA 2006, $30, 91 Points, 2200 cases imported

Lots of soft vanilla, oak and pear on the nose that leads into a creamy body of pear, golden apple and delicious almond and hazelnut undertones. Creamy and smooth throughout the long finish with balanced acidity and almond lingering long past the citrus flavors.

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