The shortened month almost caught me by surprise, but I couldn’t leave anyone without a pick for this one. I should preface with apologies for all of the recent Spanish wine touting on this blog, but truth be told, there simply isn’t any other region on the planet making wine of this quality for this price, and that is after all what the “Wine of the Month” feature is intended to provide. I had to pleasure of taking notes on this wine at a tasting that I hosted recently and I, as well as the other ten people present, were completely blown away, and that was after tasting fantastic Spanish offerings such as the Bodega Muga Rioja Reserva 2004 ($30, 90 Points) and the Emilio Moro Ribera Del Duero 2005 ($35, 91 Points) What makes this wine even more of a steal is that is grown in Priorat, which is widely considered the most expensive wine region in all of Spain. The 2004 version of this wine was also a massive buy, and I have some in my cellar, but I like the 2005 even better. Don’t be taken aback by the name; this certainly does NOT taste like piss. (No picture this time, my apologies; this wine is a bit less available but well worth seeking out).

COSTERS DEL PRIORAT PISSARRES PRIORAT 2005, 92 Points, $30, 300 cases imported

Delicate, creamy nose and body of red cherry, vanilla bean and red licorice with undertones of subtle floral, smoke and chocolate notes. Complex and elegant, smooth as can be through the long finish, which keeps chocolate pumping beyond the fruit. Impressive for its structure, balance and complexity for a wine so dependent on red fruit, a massive value.

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