Initial Tournament Thoughts

At first glance, the seeding looks about right, with one glaring exception: The Big Ten (and especially my Hoosiers) got royally screwed. Enough about how Arizona State beat Arizona twice and didn’t in. Doesn’t anybody want to talk about the Big Ten teams getting shafted beyond reason? Let’s start with Wisconsin. This is a team that was 16-2 in conference, won the conference tournament convincingly and boasts a road win at Texas. I thought they should have been a #2 seed, but even if they weren’t, could they have gotten a tougher draw? They’ll likely run into USC in the second round, easily the strongest of the #6 seeds and a horrible matchup for the Badgers. For a team that pretty much ran the table in the Big Ten, this is a very crummy deal.

Purdue fell to a #6 seed despite a 15-3 conference record, while Indiana astonishingly got stuck with a #8 seed in the toughest region on the board! I guess the NCAA will continue to punish the Hoosiers for Kelvin Sampson’s mistakes. It’s a real shame for the team and especially for D.J. White, who will get a second round matchup with the #1 team in the tournament as a reward for beating a tough Arkansas team, which isn’t likely to begin with. Looking at the teams seeded higher than or equal to Indiana we see: Mississippi State, Miami, BYU, West Virginia, UNLV, Marquette, Gonzaga and most ironically, Oklahoma. What a crock.

Anyway, here are my predictions:

EAST: North Carolina vs. Tennessee

SOUTH: Memphis vs. Texas

WEST: Duke vs. UCLA

MIDWEST: Kansas vs. USC

FINAL 4: Kansas vs. Tennessee, Texas vs. UCLA

FINAL GAME: Kansas over UCLA

First round upsets: Villanova over Clemson, St. Joseph’s over Oklahoma


East: Notre Dame, Butler

West: Pittsburgh

West: Arizona, Drake

Midwest: USC, Davidson

Toughest Region: South

Weakest Region: West

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