College Football Recap- Final

I’ll keep this short and to the point, because there aren’t too many words that can express the fitting ending to the craziest college football season in history that this past weekend provided. How, and I mean HOW, can West Virginia lose at home to a very below average Pittsburgh team with a trip to the national title on the line? We’ve seen some crazy things this season, but that might be the biggest shocker of them all! Sure, it doesn’t provide the same initial shock that Appalachian State over Michigan did or even that Stanford over USC did, but think about how much more was on the line in this one. And the Mountaineers choked big time, scoring only a single touchdown behind a mind-boggeling 11 yards rushing from star tailback Steve Slaton. Heisman candidate quarterback Pat White’s injury in the second quarter certainly didn’t help things, but come on. Head coach Rich Rodriguez described it best, calling it simply a “complete nightmare.”

Missouri’s loss to Oklahoma with the title on the line isn’t nearly as surprising, although it was certainly an eye-opener to see how badly they were beaten after playing the Sooners so closely in their earlier loss this season. However, it’s really a shame that the Orange Bowl decided to pass on the Tigers and invite instead a Kansas team that Missouri beat two weeks ago. Missouri shouldn’t have been penalized for having to play the best team in the Big 12 twice and losing both times (note that Kansas didn’t have to play Oklahoma even a single time, and has no wins over teams even receiving votes in either poll). Right now, Virginia Tech minus three points in that game looks like one of the best bets of the entire bowl season.

In the end, it truly seemed as though no one wanted to play for the national title, as the Ohio State Buckeyes were able to scoot into the #1 spot when it was all over despite their incredibly soft schedule and while sitting on their couch Saturday afternoon. It seems only fair then that the most deserving two-loss team leapfrogged a few spots into the #2 spot. LSU’s two losses this season both came in triple overtime. Ten years ago, they’d be 11-0-2 and the undisputed #1 team in the land. After the schedule they’ve played and the teams they’ve beaten, I don’t see a resounding argument for any other two-loss team getting the nod ahead of LSU, and regardless of what seemed to play out as a doomsday scenario for the entire BCS arrangement, I have to say that at least they got it right this time, and I feel pretty certain that the right team will win the title this year.


  1. Ohio State (11-1)
  2. LSU (11-2)
  3. Oklahoma (11-2)
  4. Virginia Tech (11-2)
  5. USC (10-2)
  6. Georgia (10-2)
  7. Missouri (11-2)
  8. Kansas (11-1)
  9. West Virginia (10-2)
  10. Hawaii (12-0)
  11. Florida (9-3)
  12. Arizona State (10-2)
  13. Illinois (9-3)
  14. Boston College (10-3)
  15. Tennessee (9-4)
  16. South Florida (9-3)
  17. Auburn (8-4)
  18. Texas (9-3)
  19. Wisconsin (9-3)
  20. Cincinnati (9-3)
  21. Arkansas (8-4)
  22. Clemson (9-3)
  23. BYU (10-2)
  24. Michigan (8-4)
  25. Virginia (9-3)
  26. Boise State (10-2)
  27. Air Force (9-3)
  28. Kentucky (7-5)
  29. Connecticut (9-3)
  30. Oregon State (8-4)
  31. Oregon (8-4)
  32. Central Florida (10-3)
  33. Texas Tech (8-4)
  34. Georgia Tech (7-5)
  35. Penn State (8-4)
  36. Florida State (7-5)
  37. Michigan State (7-5)
  38. Mississippi State (7-5)
  39. Wake Forest (8-4)
  40. Alabama (6-6)
  41. South Carolina (6-6)
  42. Rutgers (7-5)
  43. Tulsa (9-4)
  44. Troy (8-4)
  45. Indiana (7-5)
  46. Houston (8-4)
  47. Oklahoma State (6-6)
  48. Texas A & M (7-5)
  49. Utah (8-4)
  50. California (6-6)


  1. Tim Tebow, Florida
  2. Darren McFadden, Arkansas
  3. Chase Daniel, Missouri
  4. Colt Brennan, Hawaii
  5. Dennis Dixon, Oregon

BEST SURPRISE STORY: Kansas. Even though they didn’t play anyone and don’t deserve to be in the BCS, no one expected the Jayhawks to be 11-1. This was a program building season.

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: California. What happened to the Golden Bears? After a gutsy win on the road against Oregon to move to 5-0, Cal looked to be in solid position to make a run at the national title. Then they lost six of their next seven game, including some real shockers against Washington and Stanford. I’ll be trying to figure this one out for a long time.

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