College Football Ramblings….

Another crazy day in college football– #1 and #2 go down. LSU had a better excuse as they fought hard and finally succombed to a tough road opponent, while Cal lost an unthinkable home game to an Oregon State team that had seemed all but dead. I have to collect my thoughts…

The Heisman race took another upside-down spin today. To me, Andre Woodson is still the frontrunner. Darren McFadden and DeSean Jackson took big steps backwards. Mike Hart rushed for over 100 yards before leaving with an injury. Tim Tebow was off. We’ll see…

In the meantime, my Hoosiers entered the day with a huge chance in a winnable game, but once again the defense was disastrous. As a requiem, I have attached last week’s AP Poll because I didn’t even even realize that Indiana was as close to the Top 25 as they actually were. In fact, if they had won today they probably would have entered the Top 25, which is absolutely insane. Anyway, just for the sake of future hilarity, please take note that they somehow had more votes from the AP than Michigan did! That is just silly and worth noting; unfortunately, it will no longer be the case tomorrow morning.

We Hoosier fans take what we can get though when it comes to the pigskin. It’s not over yet, Big Red!

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