Pitchfork Festival Tomorrow!

If you’re into music and smart about thinking ahead, then that means that you’ll be out there tomorrow in Union Park in Chicago for the Pitchfork Festival tomorrow. Tickets are sold out, but if you forgot to order ahead of time, I’m sure you can find some out there for a decent price since face value is such a ridiculous steal to begin with. Here’s what I’m looking forward to this weekend. I’m having a giant pre-Pitchfork Festival party tonight to prepare so I’ll be missing the Slint, GZA, and Sonic Youth sets unfortunately, but you can bet I’ll be out there bright and early tomorrow to get a prime spot for the Twlight Sad. Speaking of which….


1:00 PM: The Twilight Sad

I love it when the show starts with a bang! Last year I remember watching Tapes N’ Tapes in this slot on Sunday and there wasn’t a better set performed all day. Besides, the place doesn’t get crowded this early, so these sets are great opportunities to get really close to the stage. In this case, I’m predicting that The Twilight Sad puts on the best show all day tomorrow. It’s only a 30-minute set, but I can’t wait to hear the angst-driven shoegazer-esque rock with those devastating switches in vocal intensity by these boys from Glasgow.

1:30 PM: Califone

I haven’t quite gotten into these guys completely because the music seems a little soft. However, I’m looking forward to seeing them live; perhaps I’ll hear something I didn’t hear before.

3:00 PM: Grizzly Bear/ Beach House

Curses! How could they put both of these bands on at the same time? What to do? Stay outside on the lawn and jam to the groovy, post-rocky sounds of Grizzly Bear or head to the tent to be mesmerized by the smooth, atmospheric  lullabies of Beach House? I’ll have to wear running shoes, cause I’m betting I’ll be sprinting back and forth.

4:00 PM: Battles

Battles live? Oh this is going to be interesting. I can’t imagine how some of the sounds this band makes will be re-created on stage, but I can’t wait to hear those metallic, mechanical, robotic noises in the late afternoon tomorrow.

5:00 PM: Iron and Wine

This will certainly be a nice change of pace, and I’ve never seen him perform live before so I’m looking forward to this probably as much as anything tomorrow besides The Twilight Sad. He has so many songs and they are all so softly sweet and beautiful. It might steal the show actually.

6:15 PM: Food break/ Oxford Collapse

I’m not really a huge metal fan so I’ll probably be skipping Mastodon and hitting up the vendors for some dinner. Then I’ll either check out the tent where art-pop group Oxford Collapse will be playing music of some sort, or I’ll head over to get a good seat for Clipse.

7:00 PM: Clipse

Rap you say? Sounds good to me? This duo delivers razor sharp tales of life in the drug trade behind innovative beats. It will certainly switch gears once again but I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys are like live.

8:00 PM: Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues

I’m not sure I know who Dirty Delty Blues are, but I do know who Chan Marshall is, and she is Cat Power. Her music is emotionally-driven piano rock that should add even more diversity tomorrow. I can’t quite tell, but there is a chance she’s kind of hot too. We’ll see.

8:30 PM: Girl Talk

This one’s in the tent again, so whether or not I venture over there to check it out will depend on how I feel about Cat Power’s set. Usually DJ sets don’t interest me that much since I can hit a local club anytime I want and hear virtually the same stuff, but I can’t rule it out.

9:00 PM: Yoko Ono

I have to admit that I’m not familiar with any of her music, but apparently it has been hugely influential to many artists. Where was I? I’ll probably stick around for about half of it and then get a head start on the crowd so I can prepare for Sunday, which appears to have a slightly better lineup.
Sunday’s preview coming shortly….

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