Bubble Babblings…

Let the Madness ensue!!! We have three days left until the selection show, and the room left for at large teams is dwindling. Assuming Nevada, Xavier and Memphis (who all appear to be at-large locks now) win their conference tourneys and don’t need an at-large, and assuming nothing crazy happens in any of the major conferences, here is my analysis:

Syracuse and Air Force both suffered tough losses today, but should be still be okay, the latter being mostly saved by a big preseason romp at Stanford. Texas Tech is probably safe, but might want to beat a desperate Kansas State squad to be totally sure. Stanford and Georgia Tech both appear to have done enough.

With those teams rounding out the 10 and 11 seeds, there are four spots left that I see nine teams battling for. Clemson did itself in today after losing to Florida State and it looks like Oklahoma State will have to pull off a miracle to get in after losing its last two to sub-par opponents, so they are now on the outside looking in:

LAST 4 IN:    RPI    vs top 50    bad losses    Marquee wins
PURDUE          49        5-6                   2            Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan State
ILLINOIS         33       4-8                   0            at Bradley, Indiana
OLD DOMINION    37    4-2              3            at Georgetown, VCU, Drexel twice
MISSOURI STATE    36    3-5            2            Wisconsin, Bradley twice

LAST 4 OUT:    RPI    vs top 50   bad losses  Marquee wins
FLORIDA STATE    40    4-9                    1       Florida, Virginia Tech, Maryland, at Duke
DREXEL                   42    3-3                    2        at Villanova, at Syracuse, at Creighton
WEST VIRGINIA    53    2-5                    1         UCLA, Villanova
KANSAS STATE    61    2-6                      2        at Texas, at USC
MICHIGAN     52    4-9                             1        Purdue, Michigan State

Full analysis with seedings coming in the next 36 hours.

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