College Football Quick Take- Humans, Common Sense Defeat Computers and General Lunacy

I was pleased and moderately surprised to see the BCS get it right and avoid what would have been a catastrophic situation. Anyone who honestly believes Michigan got screwed needs a serious reality check. Florida played the tougher schedule, won what was undeniably the best conference this season, played an extra game and deserves a shot to succeed where Michigan failed.

Again, what makes college football great is that we don’t need a playoff because the whole season is one long tournament. In the rare case that a one-loss team is given a second chance, that’s great for them, but no team that has lost a game has a gripe. Win all of your games, then complain about getting screwed. Put your mind at ease and recognize the Ohio State-Michigan game for what it was, an incredibly exciting national semifinal. Now you have the champions of the two best conferences in the land facing off for the title. That sounds about right to me.

Having said that, Ohio State is going to be all over Florida.

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